Vigilant Pain Management is now closed.

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The services of Vigilant Pain Management Center (Vigilant) are designed to prevent, mitigate and manage chronic and acute pain. Vigilant uses its extensive state-of-the-art medical, natural and clinical resources to devise specialized treatment plans that include natural health therapies and clinical and medical services. Vigilant is patient-focused and takes great care to avoid introducing added pain during the treatment of pain.

When it comes to pain management, Vigilant believes in doing first things first.

Pain sufferers often find it difficult to communicate the source or degree of their pain. That is why Vigilant begins each patient relationship with a comprehensive assessment to diagnose the precise cause of a patient’s pain, weakness, numbness or physical disability. Even when identifying the source of pain proves difficult, as in the case of fibromyalgia—a whole-body pain condition—we succeed at devising a tailored treatment plan to improve the patient’s quality of life.

Vigilant’s two-pronged approach to pain management provides patients with the greatest promise of relief.

Vigilant’s interventional approach involves using widely respected leading-edge medical procedures to alleviate acute pain and decrease chronic pain. Vigilants holistic approach entails examining the patientwhole life to identify lifestyle changes, supplements and natural therapies that successfully mitigate pain long-term. In some instances, Vigilant uses the two approaches in tandem.

Vigilant is skilled at navigating the pitfalls of pain management.

A pitfall of aggressive pain management can be opiate abuse and misuse among patients. Vigilant is skilled at implementing treatment strategies that restore chronic opioid users to a state of non-opioid use or a state of minimal opioid use in instances when completely alleviating the cause of pain is not possible.